Professional Certificate in General Insurance (Underwriting)

Professional Certificate in General Insurance (Underwriting) is a foundational course that introduces the fundamentals of the role of an underwriter to students without formal education in underwriting. The students would learn about the processes involved in decision-making with regard to underwriting. The programme touches on a diverse range of topics such as the insurance market place, the underwriting process, introduction to reinsurance, the introduction on Malaysian fire insurance industry and overview of the market for CAR and EAR.

Upon completion of the programme, a PCGIU holder is eligible to apply for MII Certificate membership and upon payment of the requisite MII membership fee, to be accorded CertMII designation and digital badge.

A PCGIU holder is also eligible for exemption of 7 credits if he / she pursues AMII level 1.

Recommend For

  • Underwriting professionals 
  • Individuals pursuing a career as an underwriter

Enrolment Requirements

  • SPM
  • GCE ‘O’ Level or equivalent or higher

Learning Format

  • Face to Face Class

Programme Objective

The objective of the programme is to ensure that personnel involved in underwriting would attain the minimum standards and quality in terms of knowledge, technical skill and competency. The combination of both practical and theoretical aspects of the underwriting field provided in the programme will support underwriters in their career development and job advancement.

Learning Outcomes

Professional Certificate in General Insurance (Underwriting)

Programme Modules
Programme Structure
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Programme Modules

Module 1

Insurance Principles and Market Practice

  • The Insurance Market Place
  • Risk and Insurance
  • Principles of Insurance
  • Insurance Regulations and Consumer Protection
  • Underwriting Procedures
  • Claims Procedures
  • General Insurance Products
  • Life Insurance Products

Module 2

The Nuts and Bolts of General Insurance Underwriting

  • The Introduction
  • The Underwriting Process
  • The Insurance Products
  • The Underwriting Ecology System
  • The Pricing
  • The Company Underwriting Risk Management
  • The Challenges


  • Introduction of Reinsurance
  • Definitions of Reinsurance
  • The Main Purpose of Reinsurance
  • Reinsurance Market
  • Basic Law of Reinsurance
  • Types of Reinsurance
  • Reinsurance Underwriting
  • Fixing Retention
  • Reinsurance Programming
  • Administration and Accounting

Module 3 Stream A

Fire Insurance

  • The Introduction on Malaysian Fire Insurance Industry
  • The Fundamental of Fire Insurance
  • The Building Construction Classification
  • The Various Extraneous Perils Available in the Revised
  • Fire Tariff
  • Review of Fire Policy Conditions
  • Analysis of Fire Insurance Clauses
  • The Fire Extinguishing Appliances
  • Risk Assessment Practice Using Survey
  • Fire Insurance Claim Procedures
  • Other Fire Related Policies

Business Interruption Insurance

  • The Introduction on Malaysian Market of Business
  • Interruption Insurance
  • The Financial Statements, The Policy and Gross Profit
  • Specification
  • Other Specifications
  • Clauses & Extensions
  • Insurance on Wages
  • Claims Settlements Procedures
  • Advance Loss of Profit
  • Risk Management, Underwriting and Practical Issues
  • Case Studies

Module 3 Stream B

Miscellaneous Accident Insurance (part 1)

  • Overview of the Market for MISC Insurance
  • Scope of Cover including the Exclusions, Conditions and Extensions Under the Various Classes of MISC

Miscellaneous Accident Insurance (part 2)

  • Underwriting Considerations
  • Rating Guides
  • Survey Procedures, Survey Forms and Risk Improvement Measures
  • Management Information System (MIS) and ISM Market statistics
  • Claim Procedures, Settlement and Documentations
  • Reinsurance

Module 3 Stream C

Engineering Insurance (part 1)

  • Overview of the market for CAR and EAR
  • Legal Principles and Policy Features
  • Scope of construction insurance
  • CAR and EAR policy coverage
  • The General perils pertaining to CAR and EAR insurance
  • The specific risks pertaining to building, civil and mechanical electrical and associated works
  • The underwriting consideration and request for information
  • The material damage section coverages, exclusions and conditions Assessment of risks and rating factors
  • PML (Probable Maximum Loss) and retention
  • Engineering risk inspection, survey and risk improvement recommendations
  • Underwriting treatment and other matters
  • Claims handling and provision of other related services
  • The Standard construction condition of contract and its application

Engineering Insurance (part 2)

  • The impact of dependency on machinery and technological changes to business
  • Coverage, exclusions and underwriting provisions on Machinery Breakdown insurance and Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profit insurance, Boiler & Pressure Vessel insurance, Electronic Equipment Insurance, Deterioration of Stocks insurance, Storage Tank insurance and Civil Engineering Completed Risks insurance (CECR)
  • Engineering risk survey & loss prevention
  • Root cause of loss on machine and components
  • Maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Claims handling procedure
  • Case studies


Module 3 Stream D

Financial Line

  • Legal terminology on law of torts
  • Civil Liability and Negligence
  • Risk management in financial lines insurance
  • Standard cover under professional indemnity insurance and practical working assessment of the underwriting methodology and application on the following:
    • Medical Mal-Practice
    • Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity
    • Insurance for Professional Engineers
    • Cover available for Chartered Accountant
    • Cover granted under Financial Institution Professional (FIPI)
    • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
    • Banker Blanket Bond Insurance
    • Cyber Liability Insurance
    • Crime Insurance
  • Claims management of financial line insurance

Casualty Liability Insurance

  • Risk management in casualty liability insurance
  • Standard cover under casualty liability insurance and practical working assessment of the underwriting methodology and application on day to day basis on the following classes of insurance:
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Products Liability Insurance
    • Contractual/Comprehensive General Liability Risk
    • Bailee’s/Warehousemen Liability Insurance
    • Freight Forwarders Legal Liability Insurance
    • Liability section of the Contractors All Risk
    • Employers Liability plus analysis of SOCSO Act Environmental Liability Impairment Insurance plus analysis of Malaysian Environment Protection Act
  • Claims Management of Casualty Liability Insurance

Module 3 Stream E

Motor Insurance – (part 1)

  • Introduction to what is Motor Insurance and its needs
  • Application of the Principles of Motor Insurance
  • Scope of Motor Insurance cover
  • Malaysian Motor Insurance Tariff (liberalized 1 July 2016)
  • Laws and regulations relating to Motor Insurance
  • Underwriting Factors
  • Application of Additional Benefits for common coverage

Motor Insurance – (part 2)

  • Type of Motor Insurance cover for various Motor classes
  • Computing premium for various Motor Insurance class
  • Application of additional benefits for various Motor Insurance class
  • Pro-rata/short period calculation
  • Basic refund and addition premiums
  • Risk Selection
  • Theft & High Performance models
  • Treatment of referred and declined vehicles
  • Detariffication

Programme Structure

Course level : Certification program

Course Duration : 98 hours

Assessment Structure : Examination (100%)

Exam Format : Multiple Choice Questions

Exam Duration : 1.5 hours

Exam Mode : Computer Based Examination (CBE)

Passing Mark : Minimum 70%




Course Fee

  • 4,300 MYR (inclusive 6% SST) 
  • 2,910 MYR (inclusive 6% SST) for CMII holder who has applied and received approval for exemption of module 1

For new students (1st time registration): Student registration fee + Individual membership = 200 MYR

Additional Information

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Note:  Programme is offered as in-house only.



MII Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Those who have obtained the Certificate in Malaysian Insurance Institute (CMII) will get an exemption for module 1.