Learn@AP in Collaboration with Actuarial Partners

Under a special collaboration, the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) is teaming up with Actuarial Partners to bring you Learn@AP, a comprehensive eLearning platform. This partnership allows MII clients to access a wide range of high-quality, self-paced courses in actuarial science, insurance, and takaful at special prices. The topics covered are highly relevant and beneficial for your professional growth.

Taking a modular approach, Learn@AP offers a range of on-demand courses that can be customized into programs with specific key learning objectives and deliverables. The training programs are approved under the Malaysian HRD Corp “SBL-Khas” scheme and can be structured to be delivered online, in-house, or offsite within Malaysia.

Customer’s testimonial on Learn@AP

“I would like to thank you and all the team members, and I would like to inform you of the great benefit and experiences that have been gained from the training programs, especially the training materials including practical examples and are presented in an interactive manner far from the traditional method of training.” Raafat Hammad, Expert at the Central Bank of Jordan

“My colleagues and I at Jubilee Insurance participated in the IFRS17 training topics on the AP online learning platform. Even though the IFRS17 standard is quite complicated and represents a significant departure in financial reporting for insurance companies compared to what we have been used to, I found the AP training modules very helpful indeed. The content was delivered in a simple and effective manner and the assignments and case studies provided practical context to the theory.” – Azim Dawood, Group Head of Actuarial, Risk and Compliance Services, Jubilee Holdings Kenya

Enhance your skills, stay ahead in the financial landscape, and advance your career with flexible learning options tailored to your needs. Take advantage of this exclusive offer today!

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About Actuarial Partners

Actuarial Partners is a renowned consultancy firm providing top-tier actuarial and related services. With a focus on insurance, pensions, and investments, they bring unparalleled expertise in actuarial science, risk management, and financial modeling.

Learn@AP in Collaboration with Actuarial Partners

Programme Structure

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Programme Structure

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  1. Core Life Actuarial Practice 1: Data and Experience Analysis – This course provides practical knowledge in the core actuarial functions of life insurance, specifically in data analysis and checking as well as experience analysis and the actuarial control cycle. Practical skills gained through working on excel assignments.
  2. Core Life Actuarial Practice 2: Product Development – The goal of this course is to comprehensively explore various aspects related to product design and development – determining assumptions, doing market segmentation analysis etc.
  3. Core Life Actuarial Practice 3: Technical Foundations of Life Actuarial Work – The objective of this course is to delve into foundational technical concepts of life actuarial work, commencing with an overview of reserving processes and practices, profit testing and projections. Practical skills gained through working on excel assignments.
  4. Core Life Actuarial Practice 4: Aspects of Life Actuarial Management – This course comprehensively explores various key aspects related to actuarial management. The primary objective is to develop a Financial Conditions Report (FCR) and understanding solvency management like RBC and ITCL.
  5. Fundamental Aspect of Takaful Insurance and Hands on Practices – The goal of this course is to provide a technical foundation of Takaful from a practical rather than theoretical perspective. The course concentrates on technical aspects related to the development and management of Takaful.
  6. Advanced Fundamental Aspects of Takaful Insurance and Hands on Practices – The course provides a comprehensive understanding of practical aspects of Takaful, building upon the foundation laid in the prior course.
  7. Takaful under IFRS17 – This course delves into the different cashflows in Takaful within the IFRS 17 context. The syllabus includes an understanding of how ownership of funds, qard and surplus distribution affects IFRS 17.
  8. Fundamentals of Calculations Under IFRS 17 – The goal of this course is to explore various aspects related to IFRS 17 – CSM, measurement approaches, contract grouping, transition issues, and initial technical decisions amongst others. Practical skills gained through working on excel assignments.
  9. Short Term Reserving – A short course that delves into the valuation of short-term products with concepts such as UPR and IBNR. Practical skills gained through working on excel assignments.
  10. Understanding the Poverty Premium – This course provides insights on the underlying issue of poverty premium. Participants will gain further information on the current B40 experience: Protection Gap Analysis, Perlindungan Tenang Initiative and other important B40 statistics.


Course Fee

RM850 per individual course

Yearly Subscription

RM2700 access to all courses