Streetwise Recruitment Programme & Business Opportunity Presentation

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | 2 June 2024 | 7 CPD Hours

Registration Deadline: TBA


Do you often feel excited when you see a hall filled with people on your recruitment night, only to be left disappointed with a 30% sign up rate! 

Something is wrong! Either your agents are not taught how to and who to invite for the night or they had begged their friends and family to come to make the numbers! 

Streetwise Recruitment is a Dr David Goh’s down-to-earth approach to recruiting new agents that is simple yet powerful. 

Dr David begins his story with a rice bowl and he ends it by smashing it, resulting in at least 80%~90% sign up rate.

These numbers are not a sum of averages, these are consistent conversion rates that he has achieved each and every time!!!

Don’t wait! Learn the secrets to successful recruitment today!

Recommended For

  • Agency Managers, Unit Managers, All insurance employees involved in agent recruitment

Learning Format

  • In-Person Training

Learning Outcome

  • Outline the 5 Elements to Effective Sponsoring/ Recruitment
  • Identify and invite the right candidates to attend BOPs
  • Understand and deliver the audience WIFM
  • Prepare a powerful opening
  • Share touching stories/ analogies
  • Create a compelling ‘call-to-action’ gambit
  • Execute an action-oriented close

Streetwise Recruitment Programme & Business Opportunity Presentation

Programme Structure
Meet The Expert

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Programme Structure

  1. Pre-planned Strategy
    1. Why its important to qualify your invitees
    2. Who to invite
    3. How to invite
  2. How to Plan a Powerful Business Opportunity Presentation
    1. Address what is important
    2. Designing and delivering an effective audience WIFM
    3. Key components of a Testimonial Speaker
    4. Perform a compelling ‘call-to-action’ gambit
    5. Executing an action-closing



Normal Fee

RM 488

Meet The Expert


Dr. David Goh

Dr. David Goh is a sales trainer, motivational speaker and author since 1977. Over the last 40 years, he has empowered and inspired over 2 Million inviduals globally. He is renowned fo his motivational prowees, and has been regular featured in NAMLIFA, GAMA as well as Malaysia’s Life Insurance Industry.

Among the countries & companies he has impacted are AXA, GE & Prudential in Singapore, Prudential & New York Life in Indonesia, Prudentiala and AIA in Thailand, International Insurance and Finance Congress 2008 in Hong Kong, Cathay Insurance in China, Manulife India, Zuricj Australia and New York Life in the United States of America